Fitness Equipment Servicing:Total Gym Review For You

The Total Gym is a popular piece of fitness gear that is within your means, accessible and simple to use. In fact, 3.5 million folks globally use this machine. Regardless of your fitness level, there’s bound to be an successful program of exercises you can execute carefully and efficiently on the Total Gym. Remember, nevertheless, that all exercise equipment requires routine upkeep, so be positively sure to consider engaging a fitness equipment servicing business to care for your machine.

About the Total Gym 1000

The Total Gym 1000 can allow you to lose weight, enhance muscle tone and definition, increase strength and even supplies a great cardiovascular training. Applied appropriately, the machine is safe for people of all ages. The unique style of the Total Gym 1000 uses your personal body weight as the resistance. Purely fix the slant of the board increased to increase the resistance. The more slanted the incline, the more muscle you ought to build. A lesser incline provides toning and reduction rewards. The machine is compact for care-free storage.

Total Gym1000 Characteristics

The Total Gym 1000 opens so that it is situated at about a 45ยบ to the floor. The platform is altered with a pin that is put into a vertical support member. The machine employs a system of bars and pulleys which allow you to carry out an outstanding assortment of gym-quality exercises. Through five incline levels, the machine will grow with you as you become more healthy. The more slanted the incline, the greater the resistance. The frame and moving parts are sturdy and covered by a guarantee. An range of accessories are accessible to help to vary your workout. A choice add-on is a foot platform that steps up the difficulty of leg exercises.


Max user weight: 250-275 pounds

Max user height: 6 feet

Weight: 57 pounds

Length: In use: 88,” folded: 51″

Height: 38″ (rear) 52.7 (front)

Warranty: 1 year

A 10-20 minute training 3 times a week is almost all you will need to get into good form. You can utilise the Total Gym 1000 to train 80% of your body muscles. Lastly, be absolutely certain to notice all the caretaking needs for both safety reasons and to continue to keep the guarantee in effect. It’s normally ideal to leave this to the professionals at a fitness equipment servicing firm.

The Total Gym 1000 is an affordable and successful means to become healthy and continue in shape. The nearly non-stop assortment of exercises and machine configurations are created to help every muscle group in the body. Nevertheless be certain to continue to keep your machine in excellent repair.