Realistic Body For Life Fitness and Diet Program

Body for Life is a more realistic approach to fitness and dieting. we cover all angles from exercises to a healthy fat burning diet. Body for Life, as a result, has many satisfied patrons.

There are lots of different both good and bad diet programs around that promise quick and easy weight reduction. But often such programs are bound to make us gain more weight in the long run than we lose on it. Here’s a fitness program that more realistically keeps us fit: Body for Life.

Calorie and fat intake reduction schemes for losing weight often boomerang and produce an unwanted yoyo effect. This means losing weight now may mean gaining weight later, and maybe even double than what we lost. With Body for Life fat burning through exercises is the main thrust, supplemented with a balanced diet.

The balanced diet with body for life programs means something like 50 percent lean meat, fish, and chicken and 50 percent veggies and fruits. We eat six times a day, starting with a heavy breakfast to fuel up for the day (that’s when we take more carbohydrates) and several small and quick bites later in the day. There’s no fasting or starving ourselves here. According to Body for Life theory, starving the body makes it store fats and burn muscles-which is bad. The body needs the right sources of carbohydrates for this diet to enable it to burn fats through exercise.

So we eat several times a day, not just 2 or 3. But with discipline. For instance, meat per meal should not be bigger and thicker than the palm of our hand. Calorie foods should not be bigger than the size of our fist each meal. Carbohydrates from junk foods are of course a definite no-no. And we have to drink lots of water. Then, we have to religiously follow the Body for Life exercise program.

The exercise regimen consists of weight training and aerobics. The two should be alternated during the program and the scheduled exercises are done 6 days a week with a rest day. Body for Life has a specific program for training the upper and lower portions of the body, the aim of which is develop muscles and burn fat on your body.

Practitioners find the Body for Life program effective and more lasting. In fact, each year there’s a US $1 million award for the best Body for Life practitioner. Just present a video of a clear physique change from before to after doing the Body for Life program. The best video testimony wins.

The Body for Life program takes 12 weeks to do, while applying both exercises and dieting. After the program period there are instructions on fitness and weight maintenance to make the gains permanent. There are no strict specified daily menus and exercise sets and repetitions. We do the program at our own pace and preference. Then we attain the fit body we have always wanted, and we attain it for life.