The New Art of Bodybuilding For Older Guys – Bodyweight Exercises!

Traditional bodybuilding is a young man’s game! Now, before you blow a fuse, we’re not writing you off. It’s just that “traditonal bodybuilding” won’t serve you.

It doesn’t mean it serves younger guys, but its just that they don’t notice it as much. They’re so fired up rushing around trying to get ahead in as many ways as they can that they don’t notice the harm that heavy weight lifting does to them.

However, when you get that little bit older, and the dust starts to settle, you simply know it. You feel it in your body. Weight lifting just places too much stress on joints and muscles than your body is happy with. Sure they say “No pain, no gain.” But that’s just bravado. If you’re experiencing pain in the gym, then this is likely to be the cycle. Train with weight lifting in gym, experience pain in joints and muscles, persist, pain subsides only to return later that night or else next morning.

Instead of looking like the guy with the silver hair on the cover of the fitness magazine, you look and feel more like the hunchback of Notre Dame, as your muscles are tightened and shortened all over the place. Talk about being out of balance. Okay, so you take a few days off to recover as the pain eases.

Then you repeat the cycle. What normally happens is that older guys go through this a few times, and realise that heavy weight lifting isn’t doing “what it says on the tin”. What happens next is that the “penny drops” and they decide that the pain simply isn’t worth the pleasure, and quit training altogether. Or, if they’re lucky they discover bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight exercises are the increasingly popular commonsense alternative to the punishment that results from heavy weight lifting, and comprise of simple sequences of movements that combine to strengthen, stretch and align your body while developing phenomenal strength, stamina and the prerequiste of a truly successful training program, a muscular and defined mid-section.

By training with bodyweight exercises, you work with your body, and the force of gravity to build real strength and stamina in your muscles, avoiding the extreme joint and muscle stresses caused by weight lifting. Each and every one of the exercises in the bodyweight exercise stable works multiple muscle groups simultaneously enhancing abdominal strength and overall cardiovascular conditioning.

Consider it the “golf” or “tai chi” or bodybuilding in that its something that you will benefit from and enjoy practising for your whole life, not just until you’re 30!