When To Begin Youth Weight Training

Are you thinking about letting your child athlete move to the next level and begin weight lifting but you do not know what the right age for them to start is. This article will help you to understand when your child should begin youth weight training.

You may be surprised to hear that youth weight training has been found to been good for children because it helps to improve muscular coordination, bone density, and increases strength. I am of course not telling you to have your 10 year old child go and begin lifting weights but when your child reaches an appropriate age it will benefit them to begin lifting.

What is that age though? That question has been debated over for years and here is the answer, when hey begin to produce testosterone. The reason this is when is because testosterone is a major part of building muscle. Children usually begin to produce testosterone around the age of 14-17 which means around the time they enter junior high or high school.

The important thing to remember is that you need to only let your child lift weights under the proper circumstances. The proper circumstances means your child lifts only in a well designed program and only under constant supervision. If you are only looking to have your child do weight lifting to help them in a particular sport I would suggest you have them work on their skills and not to worry about weight training until their in high school.

If you are worried about your child getting injured and want to keep them safe while lifting just follow these tips:

-Make sure you check all the equipment to make sure there are no defects on the equipment before you lift.

-Only let your child lift with a supervisor who will properly train your child and who knows what he is doing.

-You have to make sure you make it fun for your child. You have to be careful what you say as your words will hurt their lifting.

-Make sure there are no distractions around them as they lift and they only lift in a non-crowded area.

-If your child is immature in anyway I would recommend they do not join a weight lifting program. Your child needs to be mature enough to obey orders when they are given.

If your child is mature, in junior high or high school, and is under constant supervision, it is okay to allow them to do youth weight training without having to worry about them.